Welcome to the Food Safety Stock Library

Adding food safety steps to recipe videos is easy!

How to use this library

In the Food Safety Stock Library, there are approximately 600 images and 100 short video clips!

Here’s what you’ll find and how it works.

  • Images are arranged by the food safety steps in the Safe Recipe Style Guide for Video Creators. These include temperature, handwashing, cross-contamination, produce, and baking.
  • Under each food safety step, you’ll find even more choices. Every topic gives you a choice of both stock photos and short video clips.
  • You’ll be able to edit your clips! For example, you’ll find an 8-second video clip of scrubbing sweet potatoes. If you only need three seconds, you can shorten it during editing.
  • In photos with hands, you have a choice of two different hand models.
  • You can add your own text. Some images and video clips already have food safety steps included!
  • If you’re writing a recipe in text form to go along with your video, use the Safe Recipe Style Guide to keep it easy to write.

These images are free to use! To access the zip files, click on the Access Library Files button below. You will be asked to fill out some basic information and then will be redirected to the library download page. If you leave the page and return to download on a different device or on a different day, you’ll be asked to provide your information again, although you can bookmark the page with the zip files to avoid filling out the information again.

Your support will help us maintain and keep these resources free of charge for anyone to access.

Click here for the Food Safety Stock Library Content License Agreement.

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