After establishing the four principle guidelines determined to have the most effect in influencing consumer food safety behavior, the Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE) and the Food Marketing Institute Foundation turned to prominent food journalists to craft the final wording of the Safe Recipe Style Guide.

These food, nutrition and recipe writers were unanimously supportive of updating the AP Stylebook to include food safety instructions in recipes.

They told us:

It’s a good idea, since seeing food safety directions in recipes could help consumers adopt these as regular practices.

“This is a good idea.  I would incorporate this into my recipes.”

“This is a kitchen basic and we need to teach kitchen basics.”

“I do think consumers will react positively. Even if some didn’t accept it right away, if they kept seeing the language in recipes it would eventually sink in.”

“There is no time better than right now for this kind of recipe format update.  This is wonderful!”

“It’s a good thing to standardize language.  It will become habitual and effective.”

“These simple reminders – washing hands and using a thermometer – are a small ask with a big return.”

“These instructions are great reminders – concise and to the point.”

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